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18 Productivity Hacks To Use Everyday #entrepreneurlife

productivity hacks

Set Goals Constantly: 

If your mind is in a million places all the time goal setting is key. Making notes of key items and goals to achieve whether it’s today or in 6 months gives you a clear path to your vision. Practice writing a few goals for each day, it’s good practice and feels awesome to cross the items off. 

Say No:

As an entrepreneur you will be pulled in a million different directions by a million different people. Learning to say no is a practiced skill. As you continue to get busier this skill will save you oodles of time and stress. Sometimes it’s okay not to take on every task.

Take A Break:

We’re not machines so try not to treat your body like one. You’re brain needs a break every once in a while to reset. Stepping away from work, even for a 10 minute walk can help you re-focus and re-energize for the day. Make time for yourself it’s important!


It may seem like a daunting task but setting your schedule for the day can keep you on track. Spend 5 minutes the night before or at the beginning of the day and write out your tasks and meetings. Hint: this is also helpful if you tend to forget things often.

First Things First:

Begin Your Day With The Pressing Items. Start off your day with a feeling of accomplishment and check off that one big mammoth item you’ve been avoiding. This frees the rest of your day for the not-so-important tasks that are less time consuming.

Get Your 8 Hours:

Getting sleep is so necessary. As an entrepreneur it is easy to fall into the habit of late nights and early mornings, don’t do this. Try your best to get your 8 hours of sleep so that your brains cognitive functions are at their prime. How much work are you really going to accomplish if you’re yawning at your desk all day.

Learn As You Go:

Podcasts are a brilliant way to keep learning as you go about your day. You can complete your easy daily office tasks while brushing up on news, techniques and new ideas. 


Automating the marketing portion of your business is a great way to save you and your employees time. Check out tools like Buffer to easily schedule all of your social media posts. 


Your doctor tells you to do it for a reason. Make time for physical activity, your body and mind will appreciate it. Exercising has countless benefits like combating disease and other health conditions. Blow off some steam and go for a quick run, the increased oxygen will give you a boost in energy and mood.

Work On Relationships:

Our relationships with friends and family should be first to everything. Make time for the people that are most important to you no matter how busy you are. Remember that on those days you want to pull out your hair your loved ones can lift you back up. Happy, healthy relationships keep your mind going strong.

Don’t Wallow:  

You’re going to fail. There I said it. Don’t waste time sitting around and stewing in those unhappy feelings. Learn from it, get back up and move on. 

Scrap Multitasking:

You’re not Superman! Stop multitasking. Seriously. By doing ten things at once you feel like your accomplishing a lot when in reality your like a chicken with its head cut off. Increase productivity and quality by focusing on one task at a time.

Fuel With Food:

Do everything you can to skip the fast food joints. Yes they’re convenient but your not giving your body the nutrients it needs to function properly. If finding time to cook is difficult devote one day per week to create a list of 10 easy meals. Do your shopping for the week and don’t forget quick and easy snacks to keep you moving. There’s nothing worse than a grumbling stomach during your morning meeting.  

Get Help:

One of the best parts about being an entrepreneur is the wealth of knowledge around you. You have online resources and a network of fellow comrades to turn to. Let go of your ego, there is nothing wrong with asking for help and you might even meet some new allies along the way.

10 Minute Meetings:

One of the biggest reasons for wasted time in the workplace are meetings. Cut these down to 10 or 15 minutes.


Being organized takes some work on its own but it can be a huge time save in a business sense. Make sure you and your employees are on the same page. This goes hand in hand with goal setting and scheduling. Find a creative way for you and your team to put all of things together for a more efficient workplace.

Delegate Like A Boss:

But really, if you’re the boss this needs to be a sharpened skill for you. You have to learn how to designate tasks to others to lighten your load. Do this early on and you won’t have to deal with the stress of overloading work.  


We live in a world now where it is so easy to outsource work to others. Hallelujah for entrepreneurs! Outsourcing can save you time and money and becomes a great cycle of offering work to others. Check out freelance sites like Upwork and reap the benefits of more free time!   

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