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40 Social Media Hacks in One Sentence or Less

40 Social Media Hacks

If you’re in the social media biz, or even if you’re not, you’ve probably read a couple of blog posts about optimizing your social media feeds. It’s a pretty popular topic right now, especially since most people on Facebook or Twitter want to gain followers, increase engagement and get themselves or their brand noticed.

While there’s a sea of information on the topic, sometimes it can be hard to weed through all the unnecessary or super-complex strategies and get what you really need. Well, we’ve tried to make this easier by following Jonathan John’s example on Jeff Bullas’ blog and created a quick list you can refer back to improve your social media skills a little bit everyday! We’ve split it up into our top 4 networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and listed 10 quick hacks to get you on the path to social media stardom! Or, just more exposure.

If you’d also like some tips on Google+, Jonathan’s post includes that as well as some general hacks that are very useful!

Social Media Hacks - Facebook


  1. Create a schedule, plan your posts, and stay within your niche.
  2. Your cover image should be exactly 851 x 315 px & your profile photo should be 180 x 180.
  3. Insert a “Call to Action” button and choose from Sign Up, Shop Now, Contact Us, Book Now, Use App, Watch Video or Play Game to drive fans back to your website.
  4. Create titles that draw people’s attention – try CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.
  5. Use Facebook Insights to find out when most of your fans are online and post during those times.
  6. Include images in your posts whenever possible! You will get, on average, 53% more likes, 104% more comments,and an 84% higher click-through rate versus text only posts.
  7. Have “Facebook Only” discounts and promotions available only for those who like your page.
  8. Keep it consistent – Auto-schedule your posts using Hootsuite or Buffer.
  9. Celebrate milestones by sharing with and thanking your fans, they’re what got you there!
  10. Run contests to get people to like and engage with your page.

social media Hacks - twitter


  1. Create lists so you can find and share relevant content easily.
  2. Your profile picture should be exactly 400 x 400 px and your cover image should be exactly 1500 x 500 px.
  3. Use a tool like Tweriod or SocialBro to find out when your followers are online then post when they’re most active.
  4. When mentioning people, always use a period in front of the twitter name (e.g. “.@_datanerds”) or else, your tweet won’t be published to your followers’ streams.
  5. Respond to all mentions, thank other twitter users for Retweets and Favourite other’s tweets to show your appreciation.
  6. Utilize the “Quote” retweet feature so you can respond to or comment on the original tweet.
  7. Use hashtags for doubled engagement rates, better reputation and more followers – but keep it limited to 1 or 2 per tweet.
  8. Put hashtags in your bio so people can find you based on your interests.
  9. People love sharing videos and gifs. Keep that in mind.
  10. Each tweet only has a lifespan of about 18 minutes so tweeting your best content, like your newest blog post, throughout the day will get you more impressions and engagement.

social media hacks - pinterest


  1. If you’re using Pinterest for a Brand or Business, make sure to switch to a Business account.
  2. Use Rich Pins for products, recipes, articles, movies and places to give your audience more information at first glance.
  3. Keep your pins inspiring! People love great quotes, fitness motivation, healthy recipes and travel destinations.
  4. Invite others to collaborate on a group board and accept others invitations to do so.
  5. Don’t worry about using hashtags, Pinterest’s search function will find non-hashtagged words just as easily.
  6. DO, however, use keyword rich descriptions so people can find your pins.
  7. Create Pinterest specific images that include text, they get 3x more repins on average.
  8. Use Pinterest Analytics to see which posts are the most popular with your followers to boost engagement.
  9. Make at least 10 Pin boards to start out and then add more variety as you go.
  10. Pin images from your website in order to gain more traffic from Pinterest.

social media hacks - instagram


  1. Know and use you’re daily hashtags for more engagement (ie: #MotivationalMonday, #ThrowbackThursday and #Caturday)
  2. Use all 30 hashtags available and choose them wisely based on your target audience’s interests.
  3. Share the love! Like and comment on similar and intriguing posts to get your name out there.
  4. Share your photos to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler automatically.
  5. Your profile photo should be 180 x 180 px.
  6. You can switch up your link address as often as you want, a great idea is to connect it to your latest blog post.
  7. Keep things personal, show your audience you’re not a robot and post some photos of goings-on around the office or staff parties!
  8. You can hashtag emojis. And people are really into it. #
  9. Brand all your Instagram posts by downloading Stampyt or Add Watermark.
  10. Have more than one Instagram account to run? Well if you’re on Android you can use Instwogram and have two running at the same time.

So there you have it! 40 One-sentence (or close to it) hacks to get the most out of your social media platforms. Do you have any to add that have changed the way you use social media? We love learning new tricks!

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    1. Hi Ana!

      These keywords can be anything you think someone would search to find your post. For example, in your case if you were talking about your 70’s Fashion article you would use words like 70’s style, suede skirt, any of the brand names mentioned etc.

      Hope that helps!

  1. THIS … is a GREAT post! THANK YOU !!! I am totally bookmarking this for reference when I get back from a short trip and I am going to implement as many of your tips as I can – did I say THANK YOU! This is awesome!

    1. Hi Tina! You could print the whole web page if you’d like but if you don’t want the photos I would suggest copying the text into a Word document and print it that way. Hope this helps!

  2. I’ve definitely been using more emoji in my status updates. The only thing I’ve heard about Facebook that differs from what you say is not to use third party apps for posting.

  3. I use mainly Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest to some extent. Your hacks for all of these are great – some I have been using but there is always room for improvement. Thanks a mil’

  4. Spot on tips for using social media to your advantage. I guess the better term would be branding. I definitely agree with all the hacks you posted for each platform.

  5. These are all great hacks for social media for your blog. It is so important to get the exposure for your blog and this post has it in easy form. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow. A lot of this is information I’ve been looking for, a lot of it is information I’ve come across earlier but never retained, and the rest is info that I’m a little shamefaced for not knowing sooner. Bookmarked!

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