7 Email Fails You Can Now Reverse with Google Undo Send


You’ve been there, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s a hastily written email back to your boss regarding a certain place he should go, or a drunken break-up email to your significant other that was, “really, just an exercise in creative writing”, emailers remorse is a devastating and often too common quandary in today’s digital society.  Luckily, Google has come to the rescue with it’s new Undo feature (which has actually been around for 6 years!) that will offer you a 5, 10, 20 or 30 second send delay on that email you really, no really shouldn’t have sent, or that questionable photo collage that accidentally went to your entire email list. So which type of email fail do you commit most? Let’s take look through the top 7 types and the top 7 reasons the Google Undo Send feature will be an overwhelming success.

The Typo/Spellcheck Email Fail Google Undo Send

1. The “Typo” Email

Let’s start with the most innocent of all email fails, the “typo” email. Say, for example, you’re corresponding with a potential employer. Your punctuation, grammar and spelling must be on point so you check, double check and then run spellcheck one last time to be sure, no red lines? You should be good! But wait, what happens when you make a mistake that you can’t rely on spellcheck to fix? Such as using the wrong form of “There, Their or “They’re” or accidentally writing a sentence that makes you look like a 5 year old like, “Id like you too except my resume four consideration.”. This is the kind of stuff that isn’t going to get you hired, and luckily now you can have a second chance to get that dream job!

Forgot To Add Attachement Email

2. The “Hit Send Too Soon” Email

These emails tend to be pretty much as innocent as the “typo” email but can end up being a little more annoying for the unlucky recipient.  This type of email can be also be referred to as the “I’m not actually paying attention to what I’m doing” email which becomes inherently clear when you receive 3 emails, each with a new attachment, or have to send 8 replies to get them to finally send you the attachment you need.

Reply To All Email Fail Google Undo Send

3. The “Reply All” Email

If you work in an office of more than one person, or you have more than one friend on your contacts list, there’s a good chance you’ve sent this email… probably more than once. To be fair, there isn’t much differentiation between the “Reply” and the “Reply All” button when you’re trying to get through to your entire inbox before lunch. Accidentally sending that, questionable photo of yourself from the weekend or “Karen’s dress is ugly” email to the entire office, isn’t always the best way to make friends, or keep your job.

The What Did I Just Do Email Fail Google Undo Send

4. The “Knee-jerk” Reaction Email or “WTF Did I Just do?!” Email

Arguably the best influence for the Undo Send button is the “knee-jerk” reaction email. The one you reply with to your boss or spouse thats rash and rushed writing style gets you into some very hot water. This is also the email where you don’t take the time to realize the email that you want to spend and the email that you should send are two vastly different things. Responding to your bosses email about “pay cuts” by telling him “where to go and how to get there” or to your spouses email about “seeing other people” with “I already am” isn’t always the best decision and often needs a prompt “undo” to save your butt.

Google Undo Send

5. The “That’s Going to Come Across Wrong” Email

You’ve written, checked and sent your email. You made sure there were no typos, you actually attached all your attachments and you didn’t reply all. Winning. You think all is good until you glance at a couple of your well thought out phrases and realize, “Oh, crap. Someone is going to take this the wrong way.”. Whether it be a controversial joke you  sent to someone you barely know, or that *LOL* you accidentally threw into the middle of your work email, these all call for a quick Undo Send before people in the office start to assume you’re a jerk, or worse, a 13 year old girl.

Not Meant For you Email Fail Google Undo Send

6. The “That Wasn’t Meant for You” Email

Possibly the most embarrassing of all email fails is the “That Wasn’t Meant for You” email. We’ve all received an email or text that wasn’t intended to come to us, which generally either end up being downright hilarious or utterly devastating to the recipient. Some classic cases of these include writing to your wife instead of your mistress (good luck explaining why you called her “Jenny”), your boss instead of your colleague (you meant he was a hardass in a good way!) or your parents instead of your lover (including the mortifying add-on of sexy photos). Undo? Yeah, I think so.

Drunk Email Fail Google Undo Send

7. The “It Was the Vodka Talking” Email

Of course we saved the worst for last. We all know about drunk texts and drunk emails are very much in the same boat. You know, the ones people send in the middle of the night after one (or five) too many cocktails, declaring their love for their ex, ranting absolute nonsense about Unicorns and coat racks to their boss or sending a really unflattering photo to your entire contact list, all can also be done via email. Lucky us. Although you may not have the mental capacity to remember to use the 30 second delay that google gives you in time to un-send your email, hopefully you will have a sober friend close by to jump in and be a save the day!

So there you have it, the top 7 Email Fails plus your new safety net, Google Undo Send to help you avoid them. Just a little fine print to end off, you can’t use this function on your phone (sorry, you’re on your own there) and you have to catch your mistake within 30 seconds. So don’t freak out next time you find yourself instantly regretting sending that “I quit!” or accidental reply all email. Google’s got your back.

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