“7 steps to be a Pinterest Badass”


So you wanna be a Pinterest Badass.
Welcome to the land of inspirational quotes, trendy outfits, drool-worthy recipes, hilarious photos and quirky life hacks. There are no rules. You may be looking to promote your small business or simply wanting to become Pinterest savvy. Either way, you’re the boss of your board. Pin whatever your heart desires and someone, somewhere will see it and hopefully pin it to their board. 
Now what makes your board attractive enough for multiple followers, hundreds of re-pins and ultimately a kickass Pinterest board? Well let’s get into it.


1.// Post sweet pics

This step is number one for a reason. If you don’t already know, we live in a visual world. Our society thrives off good looks. Whether it is a good-looking burger or a good-looking tinder match, visual appeal draws us in. Whatever your reason is for wanting to become a Pinterest badass make sure you are pinning quality photos that represent what you or your business stand for.

Examples of Pinterest Boards

2.// Create multiple boards

You can actually create multiple boards to group your pins, ultimately making it easier for your fab followers to sift through all of your sweet pics. I highly suggest broad boards {ie: Style, Recipes, Travel} as too many specific boards become overwhelming for your followers.
As well, board order. Plan that your most important boards are on the top row because when followers come to your Pinterest page it’s the first thing they view.

Follow People on Pinterest

3.// Follow people

Online, of course. Networking online is no different then attending a networking function in real life. You gotta make connections and establish a Pinterest presence. The more you follow people, the more likely it is that people will follow you and therefore view your board page. Make sure you a following people with similar interests as you.

Re-Pinning on Pinterest

4.//Re-pin like crazy

You don’t want an overwhelming board however there’s nothing worse than going to a Pinterest page and there are little to no pins. Again, people want to look at something visually appealing. If you have a solid board with many pins, there is a higher likelihood that someone will re-pin something. In addition, when you re-pin, it notifies the original pinner and basically you’re giving them a solid virtual thumbs up. More cyber networking = solid Pinterest presence {ie: Pinterest badass status}.

Categorizing Pinterest Boards

5.// Categorize your boards + include SEO

Once you have multiple boards created, ensure that you “categorize” them. This way when fellow Pinners browse Pinterest using the category option your pins will actually show up {AKA more traffic to your page}. To do this:
+ Go to your board page.
+ Click Edit on the board of your choice.
+ Here you will find a Category section, click the drop down menu and choose the most applicable category.
+ Save your changes.

Include SEO {Search Engine Optimization} on your Pinterest page. Ensure your info or business name etc. is in the account name/about me section. When writing descriptions make sure they are strong. Lots of words tend to rank better because there are more searchable key words. However, the trick is to also make it appealing to humans so they are more likely to share the pin. Avoid hashtags, these guys can be beneficial on some social media sites but unfortunately are pointless on Pinterest. Hashtags may actually be considered spammy and demote your content on the search if too many are used.

Share Pinterest on your Social Networks

6.// Boast about your board

Let people know you are a Pinner! Tell your friends and social networks that you have a Pinterest account. Post about Pinterest on social media and even share pins on your various networking accounts. How are people going to know you’re a Pinterest badass if you don’t share?

Pin It Hover Button on Product Photo

7.// Small Business? Make Pinning Easy.

Lastly, if you have a page, website or small business, add a Pin It button to your site. There are multiple plug-ins that have been created to add this function. This enables visitors to pin your content and also advertises the fact that you have a Pinterest account, which most likely they will visit.

In summary, Pinterest can be used as another excellent form of networking and establishing a solid online presence. Not every one on Pinterest is badass but if you can utilize these 7 steps you will be.
So… Now I wanna know… do you have what it takes it be a Pinterest badass?

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