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Data Nerds Closes Series A Funding With Foundry Group, TechStars


The Data Nerds team is proud to announce the closing of our Series A funding round with $3 Million in backing from four illustrious VC firms, including Foundry Group and Techstars Ventures.

This funding milestone comes in the final stages of development for our new and improved rebrand of data API and property report products under the new name, Estated.



Estated Data, our new API product, will enable developers, programmers and data scientists to enrich their existing applications with a full suite of powerful and diverse property data points. The API looks to provide solutions across all relevant industries, servicing companies in real estate technology, energy, home services, mortgage lending, marketing and more.


Estated Reports aims to revolutionize the home buyer experience by leveraging our improved valuation model paired with existing core data including extensive property details with information on owners, possible residents, damage risks and climate risks, financial history, and crime information.


From these two core products, Estated will develop supplementary products and features to be announced shortly. These will leverage and build upon our growing data science foundation and seek to develop more intelligent insights.


The US residential real estate market is currently valued at over $36 trillion and sees approximately 5.5 million homes sold annually, making the need for intelligent property data essential to the growth of the industry.


“Given the sheer volume of data, legacy vendors charge exorbitant amounts for minor manipulation and presentation of data. Local counties are either still paper-based or have outdated technology platforms for a person or business to interact with,” says Co-founder of Foundry Group Jason Mendelson. “One would think that with today’s processing power that all of this data could be aggregated with real insights that benefit consumers and businesses alike. Data Nerds is solving this problem.”



Data Nerds, founded in 2014, is a company focused on aggregating, digitizing, and standardizing property data and presenting it to consumers through their API and intuitive line of products.


Our rapidly expanding pool of proprietary data, effective models and evolving analytics will be the go-to property supply and analytics solution for years to come. Data Nerds is financed $3 Million in Series A, with it’s notable investors including Foundry Group, Next Big Ventures, and Techstars Ventures.


For more information, visit or contact for all press inquiries.



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