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How To Acquire And Keep Quality Customers

keep quality customers - jeff bezos

Jeff Bezos On How To Keep Quality Customers


Are your customers your number one priority? If you’re running a competitive business they very well should be. Jeff Bezos knows best when it comes to customer care. His empire company, Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer. The convenience of Amazon has been long luring in new customers and continues to grow and innovate smartly. Here are 11 lessons you can apply to your business to help you keep quality customers:

keep quality customers - amazon



“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”


“What we need to do is always lean into the future; when the world changes around you and when it changes against you – what used to be a tail wind is now a head wind – you have to lean into that and figure out what to do because complaining isn’t a strategy.”

“Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.”


“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”


“Because, you know, resilience – if you think of it in terms of the Gold Rush, then you’d be pretty depressed right now because the last nugget of gold would be gone. But the good thing is, with innovation, there isn’t a last nugget. Every new thing creates two new questions and two new opportunities.”


“We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.”

“What’s dangerous is not to evolve.”


“If you’re competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.”


“The thing that motivates me is a very common form of motivation. And that is, with other folks counting on me, it’s so easy to be motivated.”

“I think the definition of a book is changing.”


“The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?'”


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