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8 Google Chrome Hacks You Need To Be Using

Did you know that as of March 2015, Chrome is the #1 browser used throughout the US? That means about one third of our readers (34.7% to be exact) choose Chrome as their main may to access the internet. Here at Data Nerds HQ, we couldn’t agree more that Chrome is the best when it comes to browsing the web easily and effectively and our goal by the end of this 2 part post is to get the rest of you right on board with us!

Many of you are probably wondering, “Well, what’s the difference between Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome? Don’t they all just let you access the internet?”, well essentially, yes but it’s how they let you access (and experience) the internet that makes all the difference!

Built-In Functions

1. Bookmark everything at once

Google Chrome Hacks - Bookmark All


Have you ever had 20 tabs open (all equally important – those sale boots aren’t going to last forever!) only to be rudely interrupted by real life tasks like class, work or kids? What are you supposed to do with all those tabs that you put so much time and effort into finding? The last thing you want is for them to get sucked into the internet abyss, and searching through your history for 2 hours trying to figure out where you saw that amazing copycat recipe for Cinnabon cinnamon buns doesn’t fit in your schedule.

Don’t panic!

There’s this nifty little trick in Chrome called “Bookmark Everything” and it’s as simple as hitting 3 keys.

For Mac users, Command+Shift+D will open a bookmark screen where you can put everything into one folder and for PC users it will do the exact same thing with Ctrl+Shift+D. So next time you’re comparing prices, finding recipes or doing some very important research – remember this little tip so you don’t forget where you were!

2. Stop Autoplay

Sick of ads or videos auto-playing as soon as you hit a new page? Worse yet, if you’re like me and have 100 tabs open at a time you can never seem to find which one is responsible for temporarily deafening you. Well, no more need to worry! Chrome has a setting where you can choose what plays and when, it’s just tricky to find.

First off, go to your Chrome settings either by clicking the three bars in the top right corner or by typing chrome://settings into your search bar. Next, find Privacy>Content Settings (as pictured below).

Google Chrome Hacks - Autoplay

Once you’ve opened these settings a box will pop up with all your different options. Scroll down (I couldn’t find it at first!) to Plugins and choose “Let me choose when to run plugin content” (below). This will shut off any autoplay in Chrome. If you decide you miss autoplay and want to change it back, simply switch it back to the original “Detect and run important plugin content”.

Google Chrome Hacks - Autoplay 2


3. Pin Tabs

You know all those tabs you’re always going back to throughout the day? Well you can pin those to your tab bar to make them stay where you want them and also make them less obvious (bonus).

Google Chrome Hacks - Pin Tabs


Here’s how to do it: Simply go up to the tab you want to pin in your browser, right click and choose “Pin Tab”. It will make the tab smaller and keep it at the beginning of your tabs. Perfect for quickly switching back and forth!


Google Chrome Hacks - Pin Tabs 2

4. Re-Open Closed Tabs

This little keyboard shortcut has saved my butt more than once – especially when it comes to blogging! Whenever I’m writing a post, I usually have a ton of tabs open for research, apps I use to edit photos and social media pages for sharing so it’s pretty inevitable that I press Command+W (to close a tab) on the wrong page every once in a while. Or worse yet, the dreaded Command+E (to close all of Chrome)!

Why they put these two commands right beside each other I will never know…

Google Chrome Hacks - ReOpen Tab

Either way, there’s a command that can save your page when you accidentally close it. Command+Shift+T will restore the last tab that has been closed, and if you keep pressing it all of the other ones you’ve closed!

NOTE: For PC users, simply replace the Command key with the Ctrl key.

5. Built In Calculator

Here’s another fun trick. Did you know that your Omnibar (URL bar) can also double as a calculator? No need to open a separate application, Chrome’s got your back on this one.

Google Chrome Hacks - Calculator

We bet you couldn’t do that one in your head as fast as Google.

6. Task Manager

The built-in task manager is a great way to do a couple of things. First, you can force close individual tabs, which can come in really handy when you come across a super slow website or something freezes. It also shows you how much data each tab is using so you can close things you don’t need to speed things up a bit.

Google Chrome Hacks - Task Manager

You can access the task manager by going into Settings>More Tools>Task Manager or by the key command Shift+Esc. This makes it easy to kill tabs, see what’s eating up your memory and speed things up!

7. Flip Through Tabs

The same way you can flip through your open applications on a Mac (Command+Tab) you can flip through your tabs on Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Hacks - Scroll through tabs

This Gif shows me flipping through some of our social media sites along with the pages I was on while researching this post. All you need to do is make sure you’re in Google Chrome and us Control+Tab to swipe through your open tabs. It’s a super easy way to go from one piece of information to the next, or stalk your Facebook page.

8. Other Keyboard Shortcuts

When it comes to keyboard shortcuts, Chrome is ahead of the pack! Here are a few you’ll want to take note of to keep your productivity up and impress your friends:

Chrome Feature Shortcuts:

Google Chrome Hacks - Shortcuts

Address Bar (Omnibar) Shortcuts:

Google Chrome Hacks - Shortcuts 2

Tab & Window Shortcuts:

Google Chrome Hacks - Shortcuts 3

Webpage Shortcuts:

Google Chrome Hacks - Shortcuts 4

Was there any Google Chrome Hacks that we missed in this article? Are there some that you couldn’t live without? My favourites are Re-Open Tab, Flip Through Tabs and Pin Tabs… You probably get the point by now that I’m relatively obsessed with tabs.

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  1. Thanks so much for the hacks. Chrome is the only browser I use because it’s so much faster than IE. I didn’t know about all of the hacks you mentioned so I’m fixing to play with my browser to see what all I need to do.

  2. I need to have this whole post as my screen saver; many of these I need to commit to memory. Great hacks and time savers galore!

  3. I have been trying to turn off auto play for months! I am so glad I came across this post. So many great tips that I had no clue about. Thanks!

  4. Great hacks! I didn’t know about the auto play. I have to use that. I just learned about the pin tabs and I started using that for the sites I use multiple times a day. Thanks for the other hacks.

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