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Happy Holidays From Data Nerds!

Happy Holidays!

We at Data Nerds just wanted to take some time to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday season and extend our thanks for helping us make our first year of blogging a wonderful success.

Since starting our blog this July, we’ve had the chance to interact with so many amazing people, discover hundreds of unique and informative blogs and connect with thousands on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The past 6 months have been great learning experience and we hope to apply some of our newly learned expertise in the coming year. We would love if you would share your blogs with us in the comments section so we can get to know each of you a little better!

Again, we appreciate every single view, comment and share and hope you’ll continue to visit and chat with us well into the New Year!



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Shaylee Field

Shaylee is the social media manager for Data Nerds. In her spare time she likes to hang out with her cats, work on her Beauty Blog and be a giant nerd.

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