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How To Nail That Bizarre Interview Question and Land The Job

Job interviews are nerve-wracking.What’s the weirdest interview question you’ve ever been asked?

They’re especially nerve-wracking when people are asking you questions from-out-of-left-field that you were in no way expecting!

Although I understand the strategy behind  and know that seemingly random questions can reveal a lot about a person, that knowledge doesn’t help when it happens to you first hand!

So, what’s the weirdest interview question you’ve ever been asked?

For me, it was “If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?”. I don’t even remember how I answered it because I was so taken aback.

So, since prepping for an interview is such an important part of landing any job, we thought we would share with you the strangest and also most common interview questions that are floating around out there and hopefully, help you nail them!

The Strangest Interview Questions

What would you do if you went to a job interview for a sales position and were asked something like:

“How much would you charge to wash every window in Seattle?”

Not something you were expecting to hear was it? Well, that was exactly what was asked to candidates applying for Facebook’s Online Sales-Operations position a few years ago. Want to hear a few more? Let’s see what other crazy things were thought up by HR departments around the country.

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Hardest Interview Questions - Google
Google – Product Manager Position


Hardest Interview Questions - Boeing
Boeing – Engineer Position


Hardest Interview Questions - Apple
Apple – Global-Supply Manager Position


Hardest Interview Questions - Delta
Delta Airlines – Revenue Managment Co-Op Position


Hardest Interview Questions - J.W. Business Acquisition
J.W. Business Acquisitions – Human Resources Recruiter Position


hardest Interview Questions - SpaceX
SpaceX – Propulsion Structural Analyst Position


Hardest Interview Questions - Whole Foods
Whole Foods – Meat Cutter Position


Hardest Interview Questions - Cisco
Cisco – Senior Technical Writer Position


Hardest Interview Questions - Forrester Research
Forrester Research – Reasearch Associate Position


Hardest Interview Questions - Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters – Sales Associate Position


Hardest Interview Questions - Trader Joe's
Trader Joe’s – Cashier Position


-Why are manholes round--
St. Jude Medical – Electrical-Engineer Co-Op Position


The Hardest Interview Questions

Well, I can tell you right now I couldn’t answer any of these questions on-the-spot (except maybe the horse-size duck one because everything that is horse-size is scary). But there are a few questions that are common placed and have been and will continue to be asked in almost every job interview.

First up is the dreaded, “What is your biggest weakness?”.

According to The Interview Guys, this is a question that interviewers ask to see how you will respond as opposed to what you will say. It is intentionally meant to throw you off your game and get you thinking.

Many people have well-rehearsed scripts ready in their head when they go for an interview. This is good – to a point – but hiring managers want to see the real you, not what you’ve memorized!

Fight the urge to say things like, “My biggest weakness is working too hard” or “I don’t have any, I’m strong all around”. Nothing makes a hiring manager roll their eyes faster. Instead, think of something that was or is a weakness for you that you can turn into a strength. For example, maybe you are shy, but you’re taking steps to get over your shyness like joining a softball league or taking an improv class. This shows that A) you are human and have weaknesses and B) you’re willing to work on them, both things a hiring manager will appreciate!

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Up next is, “Why should we hire you?

This one makes me cringe just thinking about it and I’ve asked it (and been asked it) many times! There are many ways to go about answering this one in a positive way but let’s go over the ways you should avoid first.

Don’t be cocky. “Because I’m awesome” is not an acceptable answer.

Don’t be whiny. “Because I love everything about this company and really, really want the job” is also not.

What the hiring manager is looking for in this situation is not flattery, they want to know if you’ve done your research. Make sure you mention any skills you have that were started in the ad or previous experience that will make you a shoe-in for the position. Give examples that are unique to you and offer how you could improve things for the company.

Overall be concise, confident and knowledgeable.

And last but not least, the all-too-common, “Why did you leave your previous job?

This one certainly isn’t as straight forward as the last two and will ultimately depend on your previous experience, but there are a few good guidelines to follow to nail it no matter what.

Again let’s start with the “don’ts”:

“I hated my boss” is an automatic red flag. Don’t say it!

“I’d like to try a career change” is too vague, be specific.

And NEVER lie about being fired, they will find out.

The best way to answer this question, no matter what your reason, is with honesty. If you left on your own accord, explain why, what you learned from the experience and what will be better about this potential job. It’s also good to mention if you were laid off due to budget cuts, downsizing or a bad economy.

So there you have it! The good, the bad and the ugly of interview questions. Now it’s time for you to tell us, what’s the strangest or hardest interview question you’ve ever been asked? Let us know!

I found inspiration for this post after reading Entrepreneur’s Strangest Job Interview Questions You’ll Ever Hear.

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43 comments on “How To Nail That Bizarre Interview Question and Land The Job

  1. First of all I sure am glad I have no intentions to apply for Apple, Google or Facebook. Secondly, The three interview questions you discuss definitely make me cringe and I have to practice my answers every single time. Interviews are rough.

  2. hahahaha what kind of tree would you be? what a weird question!, id probably answer with something even weirder. Once i was asked “How would you get a Japanese guest from prison in your home country?” literally i froze, i had no answer for that!

  3. Interview questions are always like that, they’re supposed to throw you off and make you think. The most amusing one that I got was “How are you going to describe the color red to a blind man?” and it was really hilarious. I got the job after that. I really think these questions are fun and you have to go with them and not panic at all.

  4. I don’t know the concept behind these tricky question. I had been an HR for ages and its not my style to put any job applicant in those situations 🙂

  5. I had an interview last week and I was I nervous. I hate being so on the spot. I’ve never been asking a weird one during an interview thankfully.

  6. Gosh, I don’t know how I would’ve answered any of those questions! I haven’t really been asked any super strange questions. I remember my interview for dental hygiene school they asked what our home care routine look like but that’s about it. Looks like I’ve been lucky!

  7. I’ve always dreaded interviews because of those questions. The worst is “Why should we hire you?”. My gut reaction is to say “because you are hiring and I need a job?” lol

  8. As an HR manager I cringe at some of the responses I get. I love the – why did you apply for this job…. The answer I hate the most – because I want a “day” job… UGH

  9. Aww these are crazy, fun questions but it’s hard ha-ha 😀
    Good thing I’m done with 9-5 life ^ ^ Gone are the days of interview times *winks

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your post.

  10. The most uncomfortable question I got was “What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?”

    I ended up saying, “I’m not really sure. As far as I know, it feels good for me.” Laughter ensued. Awkwardness followed. I can say tho that I did not accept any offers from them.

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