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How To Be The Leader Everybody Wants You To Be

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Being The Best Leader

The saying goes, “you were born to lead.” While some of us possess the demanding traits it takes to make up a great leader, it is a learned process. It takes experience, determination and even failure to climb your way to the top. But being a leader isn’t all about getting to the top. It’s the lessons you learn on the way up and and the fortitude you possess during follow through. A true leader is committed to enriching and helping others who are in need.


The Skills It Takes

There are some obvious skills that stand out when talking about what a great leader is. You should align yourself with a number of these which include (…and the list goes on):

  • Assertive
  • Honest
  • Inspiring
  • Approachable
  • Challenging
  • Accountable
  • Teacher
  • Innovator
  • Creative
  • Insightful
  • Empowering


Don’t just be a manager, be a leader. Embody these traits and commit to executing them daily. Any manager, support person, or C-level position in your company should be able to uphold these qualities when working in these upper level positions.


“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the… Click to Tweet


Seeing & Investing

Have fearless vision, fearless action and fearless follow through. Your vision is everything. It’s how you see things, how you got to the position you’re in and how you will get to where you are going. Be the fearless leader that you need to show everyone you are. You can’t always make the right decision but you can try and you can learn.

Invest in the relationships you share with your current employees and take time to get to know the new hires. Think of the relationships you form at home with your family. They take effort, persistence and patience to maintain but the emotional value you take from them enriches your life. Shift this focus onto your work relationships and set the tone for your entire office. If your leadership position leaves you short on time, schedule in team building activities where you can get everyone together at the same time.


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What People Want

This insightful survey from the Harvard Business Review shows that not recognizing employee achievements was the number one bone of contention for employees. Following closely behind, lack of direction and communication from leaders. While its great to challenge and push your team, be sure to follow it with personal recognition when a job is well done. Taking the time to do so will leave your employees feeling rewarded and valued in the job they’re doing.

What do leaders want? Engaged, focused employees with a strong work ethic. With a world full of distractions employee engagement is becoming a problem in the workplace. This is true for any sized company, the key is finding creative ways to motivate productivity amongst your team. Check out this shocking infographic on employee engagement from Dale Carnegie. If this doesn’t inspire you to change the pace of your corporate grind and work on engaging your staff I don’t know what will!


“The world’s best leaders are those that find it within themselves to remember why they work so hard and that it isn’t over until they say so.”



As a leader you’re doing your job if you are seeking and seeing growth. Make goals for the future but place your focus on the present. It’s important to immerse yourself in the current day to day goings on of your office. Don’t spend too much time on “what could be.” Work on training and focusing in on your inbound talent. Cultivate new leaders in order to create a new environment and future support for your team. 

Self growth is extremely essential. Continually changing and accelerating your sense of self will maximize your own self worth and how others see you. Staying motivated everyday with a positive attitude is work in itself. Make sure you take the personal time for you to reset and replenish. Go to the gym, eat healthy, get outside and allow time with loved ones. This will help give you the balance and alignment you need to be your very best you.

Continuous learning will keep you on your toes. Learn something new and get on the same page with a department you might not be as in tune with. Try an online learning course like those offered by Udemy or Coursera. You can also gain knowledge while you work. Check out Inc’s top 5 fave leadership Podcast’s.


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Stamina. Motivation. Strength.

This seems a bit obvious but a fantastic leader will stick it out when times get tough. If you’re the CEO of a startup venture who carries your team triumphantly against all the bumps that come along, you my friend are a WINNER. If you smell a hint of failure on the horizon and the curious world of the unknown makes you uncomfortable, think twice about a leadership role.


Watch this amazing TEDTalk on leadership from Simon Sinek


With practice and experience in your role you will learn what is successful and what doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid to take risks and ask for feedback. All you can gain is knowledge. If you’re still looking for more inspiration check out these fantastic words from some of the world’s greatest leaders themselves on their own journey’s.


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