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How To Perfect Your Corporate Culture in 4 Simple Steps


Corporate Culture To Build Your Business

These days, most of us spend more time at our jobs than at home with our families, so shouldn’t work be somewhere that we feel good about going? Corporate culture is what defines your company and is EVERYTHING if you want to grow successfully. If your employees are doing the afternoon nod at their desks or making a beeline for the door as soon as the clock strikes 5:00pm then maybe it’s time to rethink some of the dynamics you have implemented throughout your office.

In the Forbes article, “What is company culture, and how do you change it?” William Craig said, “Remember: your company’s culture was already being shaped before you even hired your first employee. So knowing how your employees are reacting to what you’re building is tremendously important if you want your company to thrive.”


Although true, does this mean you can’t fix an institution that is not functioning the way you want it to? The answer is no.

“Peers and camaraderie are the #1 reason employees go the extra mile – not money” Click to Tweet

Here are 4 steps to either remodel or revolutionize your culture:

Define It. Think about where your company is going and how you want it to grow. Establish values, ethics and standards that will be the grounding point for everything you do and when hiring employees to be a part of your team make sure they have similar ideologies to your workplace mentality. This will set the tone for your day to day workplace dynamics.

Collaborate. The importance of collaboration plays a major part in the overall happiness of the office. Set daily meetings to get everyone together and toss around new ideas, this also helps give your staff a better sense of community. Setting a team atmosphere and encouraging creativity among your employees will ultimately help you build a more successful business. Remember it is not just you who characterizes your culture but your comrades as well.


Live It. Don’t Just talk the talk! Applying what you have built is the most important step. Be the leader! If your people don’t embody the values you have set forth, then you will end up with dispirited employees and business performance that ultimately suffers.


Analyze. Find out what works and what doesn’t. If you aren’t attracting the right people to your business, take the time and find out why. If your current employees aren’t happy, ask them what isn’t working for them. If perks on the job are taking away from precious work time then find another way to motivate. Positivity equals productivity. Knowing what is working in a positive way for your company makes you a great business owner.

“Happiness makes people 12% more productive while unhappy workers are 10% less productive.” Click to Tweet

Tech companies are dominating the workforce and ranking high on lists with their unique cultures and values. We hear about Twitter’s famed rooftop meetings, Google’s nap pods and Facebook’s excess food stock for employees. Of course, all companies are not quite as large scale as these and although we can’t necessarily follow their lead exactly, we can definitely use their standards as a guide to what is obviously a desired workplace.

Data Nerds Corporate Culture

At Data Nerds, we pride ourselves on working hard but also having fun while we do it and our culture reflects this! Daily Standup meetings in the morning, get us up and out of our desks to go over the projects we are currently working on and help us to set upcoming goals. This also gives us a chance to get social with each other and have a laugh or two. We always have a positive quote or thought of the day which is a nice way to set the tone around the office. Simple but effective. The Data Nerds workspace is open floor plan so that when we’re not glued to our computer screens we have the opportunity to openly discuss new ideas and help each other out when needed.


Yes, we take ping pong breaks, go out for lunch on Fancy Friday and have endless supplies of Lego but it is our key values, Respect, Creativity, Dedication and strong performance that make us who we are at Data Nerds.


So if work has become boring and mundane and morale is low, make a change! It may take some extra work but if you want to enjoy the place that becomes your second home it’s worth it. If you are just starting a business then follow the steps and make sure you implement your core principles from the get-go to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Stick to your beliefs and if they are good ones you can build an empire! Take the time and let us know what corporate cultures you would like to see carried out in your workplace.

60 comments on “How To Perfect Your Corporate Culture in 4 Simple Steps

    1. It’s true Amer, sometimes it is hard to change old ways in the office but we are living in a world of change right now and anything is possible!

    1. Yes Ana, it is pretty great! We have a nice mix of fun, creativity and hard work at the office. Glad you enjoyed the read!

  1. Love it. Completely save yourself from the daily routine! Being productive is so much easier when you breathe a new air, it’s a good motivation to go to work and actually focus on work. These are ideas are awesome, I hope all companies think like this.

  2. I like the tips. They make sense, are useful, and are very sensible. I have been to so many companies that I’ve realized, culture matters.

  3. LOVE THIS! A happy workplace indeed makes everyone work harder and stay positive. It blows my mind how some managers are so clueless!

    1. Definitely As a business owner you need to be aware of your surroundings in the office and if things aren’t working make a change!

    1. Awesome, thanks Angie! We do have a pretty great team at Data Nerds! Building a strong brand is definitely crucial for running a business.

  4. Thank you for this. This is a brilliant way of expanding and keeping your friends camaraderies towards each other.

  5. This is such a timely read! I always believe that if you keep your employees happy, they will keep your business going for you.

  6. You’ve got it so right. Who wants to work in a droll, unfriendly environment with no peer support? Happy = productive!

  7. There is so much great info I bookmarked to read again as I am sure I missed something.Or if not I need to revisit this often!

  8. It is so much easier for corporations to talk than to do anything. They love the words but hate the action.

  9. I laughed the first time someone introduced themselves to me as a Chief Culture Officer but now I see the great value in the position. A company is lost without their values and culture.

    1. I am also glad to hear that is a position Doran! 🙂 What a great way to implement and keep up the core values in a company!

  10. Coworkers are amazing! They always are there for you and makes everything easier… Thats way an extra mile sounds doable at a time

  11. Nice post and some great tips shared! I liked the collaboration idea to work with dynamic bunch of people and create masterpiece!

    1. It’s so great to have a unique group of people working towards the same goal, idea sharing can be so beneficial. Thanks for reading Anamika!

  12. Company morale is so important when it comes to keeping your employees and keeping happy employees is the key to productivity. Great article!

  13. It’s interesting to read this post; especially after listening to Sergey Brin and Larry Page, on TED TALKS, sharing what makes Google’s office culture so successful. Have you seen it? It is quite good. Let’s say that they pointed put that flexibility, humor, entrepreneurship and listening to the pulse of their people helps. I enjoyed your post! 🙂
    Eliz Frank

    1. Thanks for reading Eliz! I have not watched that talk but I will definitely have to put that on the list, thanks!

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