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The Best New Trait For Business: Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual Curiosity

I admire those with intellectual curiosity, it allows for constant growth in all areas of life. The desire to continuously learn, dissect, explore, and experience, which ultimately is the driving force behind all major discoveries.

Intellectual curiosity at work will allow you to rise to the top faster than anyone else. Spending countless hours studying the biggest clients, products, history, relationships, acquisitions and learning everything you can, will separate you from the pack. Trust me, it will pay off. As a business owner, every single person I hire is expected to surpass their superior and show exceptional curiosity.

Intellectual curiosity in life creates deeper relationships. Asking more questions, listening more and paying attention to others will display your curiosity as a sincere interest to develop a deeper connection.

In your next conversation be conscious of this trait. Intellectual Curiosity grants you the amazing ability to grow intellectually, socially, morally, and spiritually, so make sure you take advantage of it in every aspect of your life.

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21 comments on “The Best New Trait For Business: Intellectual Curiosity

  1. Personally I think intellectual curiosity should have always been a top trait for businesses. It really is an important quality for employees to have. They need to have the desire to grow and learn from their ever changing market and surroundings no matter what their business does.

  2. I totally agree. I remember when National Geographic launched their campaign for “living curious”, I became such a fan. Lol. It’s so much better to be curious because that’s mostly how you learn new things! It’s not just for business, it’s for everyday life.

  3. Totally….intellectual curiosity should be a priority for every worker. This is especially necessary if you are a leader

  4. In the corporate world, intellectual curiosity may be perceived as being “nosey.” My company is the leader in keeping secrets! When we try to ask for email documentation, management always respond with “you can’t have a copy. It is company property and management decision.” I guess intellectual curiosity will work if you serve a company whose managers are actually HUMAN.

  5. There is definitely something there. I was really curious about bugging the best education of other hand so far. Angela from Daysinbed

  6. very interesting, i’m not really very curious now in so many things, i just go on with the flow and live my life , i guess i have to develop my curiosity again just like before

  7. I never understand people who aren’t curious. I’m too curious and I never feel like I know enough about anything. My mom is a perpetual student too so I guess that’s where I got it.

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