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50 Shocking Social Media Statistics You Need to See To Believe

Social media is essential for every small business.

Just think about it for a minute.

There are an estimated 1.59 billion people on Facebook per month, 1.85 million people active on Twitter on any given day and 100 million users on Pinterest.

If you want to find new customers of any kind, chances are they will be on social media. Heck, even farmers in Kuwait use Instagram to sell their sheep. Want to know a few more unusual and shocking social media statistics? Read on!

 Social Media Statistics - Facebook


  • Hit 1.59 Billion MAU’s (Unique Monthly Visitors) on December 31, 2015
  • Owns Instagram ($1B), Occulus Rift ($2B) & WhatsApp ($19B)
  • The Number of DAU’s on average in December 2015 was 1.04 Billion
  • Mobile accounts for 80% of all Advertising Revenue
  • Chances are your organic reach is at an all time low
  • Best way to increase engagement? Post a video.
  • The best day to post on Facebook based on engagement is Friday.
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  • Was Bought By Facebook For $1 Billion in 2012
  • 420 Million Users
  • 70 Million Photos per Day
  • Considered the Most Important Social Network by American Teens
  • Surprisingly, there is no one popular filter!
  • The best option for brands, most user engagement

Social Media Statistics - Twitter


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Social Media Statistics - Pinterest


  • 100 Million Users
  • 80% Female Demographic
  • 50% Are Moms
  • #1 For Food Related Content
  • 1/3 of all US online Adults are on Pinterest
  • Certain categories are more popular on certain days, for example, Mondays are best for fitness posts.
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  • Purchased by Twitter for $86Million
  • People watch 40 years worth of live video every day
  • 350,000 hours of video is streamed every day
  • Number of Users is already past 10Million in one year
  • Daily active users past 1.85Million

Social Media Statistics - Snapchat


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  • Social Media Anxiety Disorder is now recognized as a mental illness
  • Since dropping share counting, Sharaholic has recorded a 11% drop is Twitter shares overall
  • 91% Of all Social Media Mentions come from users with fewer than 500 followers
  • 82% Of Women believe social media has helped define true beauty
  • Chat and Private messaging apps now hold 3 of the top 5 spots for all social media platforms
  • 80% of Pins are Repins
  • Livestock vendors in Kuwait use Instagram to sell Sheep
  • Surprisingly, marketers say written content still beats visual content
  • According to Socialbakers, businesses with a fan page of 0-9,999 should expect only 28 interactions per post



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  1. Social Media Anxiety Disorder being recognized as a mental illness is probably the most shocking thing on this list. It’s so interesting to think of how Social media is really new but it’s changed the way we look at life. Thanks for this article – I learned alot!

  2. This is awesome information – very useful and disproves the naysayers who love to debate the usefulness of social media.

  3. Information overload! Also, very helpful if you’re trying to make your way through social media stardom! That’s really awesome to know, especially if you have a business to maintain.

  4. Amazing post! Love all this information as a blogger this sort of knowledge is absolutely neccesary to create new business plans according to what social media is doing it better. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Social media is so important. It’s great to see how the different ones can help and how many people you can reach.

  6. I just recently read about social media anxiety. Very interesting. It is amazing what social media can do to help a business though.

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