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Home For The Holidays! Smart Home Gift Guide for 2015

Moving intoย to part 3 of our Tech Gift Guide for 2015, takes us into a more cozy area – the home.

Have you ever thought of your home as being “smart”? Probably not, right? Since most of us most likely don’t live in top of the line, tech-ready homesย it’s safe to say the items below may be pretty new to you!

When it comes to tech for the home, the name of the game isn’t just cool gadgets that will make our friends jealous, it’s also creating a more energy-efficient, cost and environment friendly living space for you and your family. So whether you’re looking to be able to shut off all the lights from your smart phone when your kids leave them on or just want to know your home is safe and protected these home gadgets are a must for your home!

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Smart Home Gift Guide

1. Switchmate ($120 USD 2pack)

We’re teasing you a bit with this one since it’s only available for pre-sale, but it was too cool not to include it in our list of smart home gadgets. Switchmate is a minimalist lighting device that attaches magnetically to your existing standard light switches. Once installed, it enables you to control the switch via your smart phone, giving you a smarter house at a smarter price! Since you don’t have to replace any of your existing wiring, this is a great option for any home, whether you own, rent or lease. Switchmate allows you to turn your lights on or off and even knows when you’ve arrived home, turning the lights on for you. You also don’t have to get out of bed to switch your light off anymore, which is worth it’s price alone to us!

2. Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 ($199.99 USD)

While you’re at it, why not make the lighting in your home smarter too? Philips has recently come out with Hue Bridge, an automated lighting schedule with home and away controls. This little box gives you the ability to turn all the lights in your home on or off with the touch of your smart phone. Perfect for late nights at the office (to have the lights on when you get home) or for when you fall asleep with the lights on (set them to automatically turn off at a certain time). You can even dim the lights in your home for an added ambiance or use the bulbs outside for festive lighting (they’re available in different colours).

3. Nest ($249.00 USD)

When you think of smart home technology, there’s a good chance that Nest Thermostat comes to mind first. Nest has since come out with a whole slew of new smart home products but the Thermostat is what we are all about here at Data Nerds. Not only will the Nest Thermostat help you keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer (and generally perfect all year long) it will learn from your habits and adjust accordingly. It also helps you learn how to save money on your heating and cooling bills by giving you the best temperature settings. It’s controlled by your smart phone so even if you’re at work you can turn the Thermostat up or down according to your needs. So if you’re looking to save energy, have a more comfortable home and do it all from your smartphone, look no further!

4. Piper NV ($279.99 USD)

Piper NV is the latest in at home security and monitoring. Unlike traditional alarms, the Piper NV doesn’t have any need for monthly subscriptions or monitoring services since it’s connected directly to your smart phone. The Piper NV includes a 3.4 megapixel, night vision camera with enhanced immersive video, 180ยบ view and pan, tilt, and zoom functions. It also has a microphone, speaker and 105 dB siren to ward off any intruders. On top of that, the Piper NV has motion, temperature, humidity, light and sound sensors as well as wireless capabilities and backup power source. If you’re looking for an affordable, all-in-one solution to keeping your family safe, this is it. It also has add-on features like door alarms, window alarms and smart switch light controls.

5. Lynx Smart Grill ($9,499.00 USD)

Okay, we know that 99.9% of the population could never afford this grill (we also wonder why you would ever need a nearly $10,000 grill) but come on, we had to include it! Lynx has a new line of BBQ’s (that’s essentially what they are) out that feature smart technology to cook your food. At first glance, you may thing this is just any other grill with it’s Trident ProSear2 infrared burners, 936 cooking space and stainless steel grilling grates, but you’d be wrong. This one comes with voice activated or smart phone controlled temperature settings so you never have to go outside in the freezing cold again to BBQ. Except to put your meat on the grill, turn it, and take it off. It does, however, give you recipes and tells you the perfect time to flip and remove your food. I feel like maybe I missed something when researching this grill because I still don’t see why it’s worth $10,000.


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