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The world of Facebook promotion can be a boon to a business, or a waste of money. It all has to do with how you create your ads, your target demographic, promoted posts, and most of all content. Some businesses experience great success with social media marketing, others find that a ton of likes do not translate into any actual cash flow. It’s a tricky world and a bit of a gamble, but with a few pointers, the odds will likely go in your favour…

Social media marketing
Translating social media marketing into leads and conversions.

A creative ad, especially with a logo or design(we recommend 99 designs for this) may very well grab the attention of those you are targeting. Not only a graphic design, but also a catchy or lyrical phrase may be suited for your needs. Of course some major brands out there are so recognizable all they need to promote is their logo and they will get plenty of attention. However if you are a new venture and starting entrepreneurs you will have to give folks more than just a logo. You will also have to find your initial customers.

When creating a Facebook ad, it is wise to try a couple different demographics, instead of having one massive ad for all ages, separate them based on a few factors. Try age, region, interests, and keep detailed notes. Sites like Facebook keep awesome data on how each ad is working out and whom they are reaching. Some of your initial ads may not do well, but it allows you to pinpoint the customers that you are doing best with on the social media site. Just like brick and mortar marketing, trial and error is just apart of the game. Too often those who are promoting on Facebook assume it is like creating a newspaper ad and everyone will see it. Facebook has ever-changing algorithms on who sees what post or ad, so the most you can do is pay attention to the stats of each ad and keep track of what does the best.

Often pages will promote specific posts, on top of having an ad for the product itself. If you have a weekly sale on Product A, well make a post about it and promote it. Encourage users to like and share, the more comments and shares your post gets, the more people see it, and the more customers you may receive(try out Hootsuite to manage all your social media channels). There are specific tricks to making a popular post, using the word “congratulations” will cause Facebook to put your post at the top of news feeds. This is why engagement announcements and new babies always get posted at the top. Facebook rewards likes and shares, shares more than ever. It is possible to pay internet marketing sites to give you a ton of Facebook likes, but this is best avoided, fake likes do not help your business or advertising data. Sometimes less is better as long as you have real likes, with real engagement.

And it is engagement that is the most important aspect of Facebook marketing. If you are a company that sells Product A, do not just post about Product A… find new and whacky stuff to add. Keep interesting and unique content flowing at least on a daily basis. Some of the most popular Facebook pages share a variety of insane, hilarious, and informative videos. Videos and pictures that get people to like, comment, and share, it is all about engagement in the social media world. Connections mean nothing without regular engagement. Each company will have to find a way to be engaging and unique, that way paid posts and ads give a return of more customers. Social media allows your business to connect with people that you never would have had a chance to in the past, so get creative and find a way to hold their attention until they decide to buy your product!

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