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6 Reasons Investors Aren’t Giving You Their Money


Are you the face of a successful startup company and having troubles getting investors to take the plunge on your product? Here’s why they may not be so inclined to endorse you and your product.

6 Reasons Investors Aren’t Giving You Their Money

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41 comments on “6 Reasons Investors Aren’t Giving You Their Money

  1. Investors are very meticulous, it is their money that you’re going to be spending after all. And if they’re going to invest in your business or ideas, it would be great to give them a detailed information and a good business plan. This infographic sure helps!

  2. Yes having a solid plan is appealing to new investors. They might be willing to take a chance on someone with little experience if they had a solid foundation.

    1. Definitely right Milena! It helps to have a strong business plan when coming out of the gate. If you don’t have the numbers to show then a business plan is a must!

  3. I love this graphic as it breaks everything down. I have always been afraid of starting anything up on my own because no one will invest in it with me.

  4. It is totally true that you need to show that you can show return for their investment. If you have nothing to show from sales or anything else they will typically slam the door in your face.

  5. research is so so important! especially when the investment sounds brilliant. it’s so hard to find an investor worthy enough but when you do it’s the best feeling. great tips

  6. I needed a personal investor but had nothing, lol. I got no one, but it’s okay now. Sometimes you have to tough it out without financial help. Builds character (and respect for money!).

    1. Love your attitude Rosey! It’s definitely tough to run a business on your own but it can also make you feel more grounded as a person.

  7. This is such a wonderful resource for startup companies & for anyone who is involved in business lately. The info-graphic is simple yet so informative to explain the reasons why investors are hesitating to step in. Thanks for the great guidance!

  8. I think this graphic is great. It’s got a lot of great useful information too. I love graphics because they’re easier to read and understand.

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