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Who Says Star Wars Isn’t Applicable To Your Startup Business?

startup business - star wars

13 Star Wars & George Lucas Quotes:

“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…” – Some of the best quotes were born from a very successful multi-media franchise. Star Wars (and its unmatched fandom) has been around since 1977 making viewers laugh, cry and everything in between with its strong characters and tales of courage. Here are our favourite quotes from the epic space flick and its creator, George Lucas. May the force be with you in all of your startup business pursuits!


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The 10 All Time Best Walt Disney Business Quotes

business quotes - walt disney

The Best Walt Disney Business Quotes

Walt Disney was a businessman in every way. He was a producer, animator and entrepreneurial genius. Did we mention the creator of Disneyland? We should feel endlessly inspired by Disney’s legacy. Who else can say they created the happiest place on earth? If you’re looking for a new approach for your business practices, read on for our top 10 Walt Disney business quotes:


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13 Influential Quotes From Author J.K. Rowling

J.K Rowling - quotes

At Data Nerds we aren’t just inspired by our peers in tech and entrepreneurship. We leave our minds open to bring in knowledge and lessons from any unique or brilliant minds around the world. This week we’re featuring our favourite quotes from acclaimed novelist J.K. Rowling.

Rowling was the creator of the Harry Potter series which shot her into the spotlight in 1997. Rowling’s life story is heartwarming one, she started the Harry Potter series writing in local cafes on an old typewriter. At the time she had been living on welfare. Harry Potter has now become of the most beloved children’s novels of all time and Rowling gained abundant success from the books. Her rags to riches story and devotion of personal time to social justice issues is nothing short of inspirational.


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13 Quotes From Bill Gates To Inspire Your Life And Business

life and business - bill gates

Quotes To Inspire Your Business From A Tech Expert

Who doesn’t know Bill Gates? You know, the co-creator of Microsoft and the richest man on earth! As a business man he was criticized for being distant and sometimes downright rude to his colleagues. However, his knowledge in tech and forward vision skyrocketed him to success early in life. Since January 2000, Gates has stepped down as CEO of Microsoft and now devotes most of his time to his charity, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Here are 13 quotes from the now author, investor and philanthropist to inspire your life and business:


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A Holiday Reflection

holiday reflection

So it’s that time of year again…


The stockings are hung, the cookies are iced. The air has a chill and the hot drinks are spiced!

While Santa up north checks his list twice, begin to reflect – were you naughty or nice? (more…)

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Intelligent Quotes For Your Life – Sir John A. Macdonald

intelligent quotes

Sir John A. Macdonald (1867 – 1873)


Sir John A. Macdonald was Canada’s first Prime Minister. A leader who’s political career spanned most of his lifetime. Serving 19 years as Prime Minister he achieved great accomplishments such as formulating a strong national government and building the Canadian Pacific Railway. Macdonald was a charming and clever character who lead his country with a sense of community. Here are 12 intelligent quotes we enjoy from Sir John A. Macdonald.


“Politics is a game requiring great coolness and an utter abnegation of prejudice and personal feeling.”


“There were, unfortunately, no great principles on which parties were divided – politics became a mere struggle for office.”


“Anybody may support me when I am right. What I want is someone that will support me when I am wrong.”


“There may be obstructions, local differences may intervene, but it matters not — the wheel is now revolving, and we are only the fly on the wheel, we cannot delay it. The union of the colonies of British America under one sovereign is a fixed fact.”


“I don’t care for office for the sake of money, but for the sake of power, and for the sake of carrying out my own views of what is best for the country.”


“When fortune empties her chamber pot on your head, smile and say, ‘We are going to have a summer shower.’”


“If you would know the depth of meanness of human nature, you have got to be a Prime Minister running a general election.”


Macdonald was well known for his wit and also for his love of drink. He is known to have been drunk for many of his debates in Parliament. Here is a story from an election debate in which Macdonald was so drunk he began vomiting while on stage. [His opponent quickly pointed this out.]  The opposing candidate said: “Is this the man you want running your country? A drunk!” Collecting himself, Macdonald replied “I get sick … not because of drink [but because] I am forced to listen to the ranting of my honourable opponent.”


“My sins of omission and commission I do not deny; but I trust that it may be said of me in the ultimate issue, ‘Much is forgiven because he loved much,’ for I have loved my country with a passionate love.”


“If I had influence over the minds of the people of Canada, any power over their intellect, I would leave them this legacy: ‘Whatever you do, adhere to the Union. We are a great country, and shall become one of the greatest in the universe if we preserve it; we shall sink into insignificance and adversity if we suffer it to be broken.’”


“Let us be English or let us be French… but above all let us be Canadians.”


“A public man should have no resentments.”


“Elections are a lot like horse races, in that you know a lot more about them the next day.”

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15 Inspirational Quotes From A True Genius – Albert Einstein

inspirational quotes - albert einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a physicist and philosopher best known for his famous formula E = mc2. He was a genius by any standard and he definitely helped shape the way we look at things in the world. Here are some of our favourite inspirational quotes from the genius himself to fire you up for the week:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”


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movember - title

Nerds take on Movember!

It’s that time of year everyone. Boys become men, parading around with burly beards and handlebar moustaches for a month while their ladies find a dark cave to disappear into. Jokes aside, Movember is an amazing cause that raises funds for some of men’s biggest health concerns. This doesn’t just include prostate and testicular cancer it also focuses on mental health and suicide prevention.   (more…)

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