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Here’s Our 2015 Tech Toy Gift Guide, With Everything You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Tech Toy Gift Guide

Technology doesn’t have to just be about the necessities. Sure, you probably need to have a cell phone and if your laptop bites the dust it’s pretty imperative that you get a new one right away, but what about some Tech Toys that are made for nothing but fun? We’ve got em!

In this gift guide we’re sharing with you all the awesome things you never knew you wanted for the Holidays! Whether it be a mini BB-8 Droid from the new Star Wars movie or your own personal Paper Airplane drone, we guarantee you’ll find hours of fun in these tech toys!

If you’re in the market for something more necessary don’t forget to check out our previous gift guides featuring Wearables, Entertainment, Smart Home, Audio and the Top 5 Tablets of 2015. You can also enter our giveaway at the bottom of the page for your chance to win a little gift from the Data Nerds themselves! Good luck!

Just For Fun

1. PowerUp 3.0 Paper Drone ($54.99 USD)

If you’re interested in getting a Drone for the holidays but not spending upwards of $1,500, the PowerUp 3.0 Paper Drone may be right up your alley. This smartphone controlled paper airplane has bluetooth smart technology that makes it easy to fly, and hard to crash. It has a 180 foot fly range, a rechargeable battery and a pretty cool air traffic control inspired app. The best part is, you use your own paper to create this flying machine so you can customize it to any colour you want and don’t have to worry about it landing in a mud puddle, you can simply build a new one!

2. Fizzics ($169.99 USD)

This one is a little off topic and could easily have fit in with our Smart Home options but it’s still techy (and Nerdy) enough to make our list. Fizzics is a system that brings you bottled beer, fresh from the tap in your own home, cool huh? All you have to do is take a bottled or canned beer of your choice, stick it in the machine and BAM! You’ve got bar worthy draft beer. It uses a digital microcontroller to create the perfect amount of “fizz” without using expensive CO2 canisters and will fit any standard can or bottle. It runs on 4 AA batteries so you can take it anywhere and enhances the flavour of all styles of beer. If you have a beer (and tech) lover in your life, this is the gift for them!

3. BB-8 Droid ($189.99 USD)

If you’ve been borderline obsessed with the new Star Wars movie coming out like we have, this little droid will make your holidays! This smartphone controlled BB-8 Droid has authentic movements and personality that will make you forget you’re not in a galaxy far, far away. The BB-8 Droid will interact with you and show a range of emotions, expressions and perk up when you give it voice commands. You can either watch it explore its surroundings or guid it yourself. And did we mention it makes holographic recordings? Yeah, it does that too.

4. Samsung Gear VR ($229.99 USD)

The future is now. Samsung and Oculus have teamed up to bring you the first affordable virtual reality headset that is going to make all your dreams come true. This headset turns your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge into a 3-D 360º video watching or game playing experience with special downloadable VR games, cinema, video and photos. Samsung also has a service called Milk VR which brings you fresh and immersive content in everything from sports, to action to storytelling. You can go snowboarding, run with the bulls and even play on stage with your favourite band. If you’re interested in trying the next level of gaming and video, virtual reality is the way to go.

5. Hoverboard ($599.00 CAD)

If there’s a tech toy of the year award, it goes to any hoverboard, hands-free segway or what ever other word you want to use to describe these fun (and fast!) ways to get around town. We have a few of these at Data Nerds HQ and they get a lot of daily use! When we aren’t taking it to our local Starbucks, we are usually doing laps around the office and seeing how fast we can get it going. While these may be a bit pricier than typical holiday gifts, we’ve gotta say it was well worth it for the amount of fun we’ve had riding this thing around town! It will also make you a ton of new friends, because literally everyone wants to try a hoverboard. We chose the this version because it’s the lightest and fastest model at this low of a price point and can go up to 25 miles on a single charge, plus we’ve got a few extra for sale if you’re looking for a good price!

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