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We’ve Got ‘Em! The Top 5 Tech Accessories of 2015

Top 5 Tech Accessories

So now that we’ve got you up-to-speed with all the latest and greatest in technology this year, why don’t we add on some much needed accessories to complete the package? There have been some awesome tech accessories released this year that make your tech toys easier to use, faster to charge or just overall nicer to look at. We’ve put together our top 5 to make your cell phone, laptop or tablet work better for you in the New Year!

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1. Paperback ($5.49 USD)

Last, but certainly not least, is the cheapest and possibly best stocking stuffer in the bunch! Paperback is just what it claims to be, paper that sticks to the back of your iPhone. We can already hear you saying, “Why do I need sticky notes attached to my iPhone if I have 40 list apps to choose from?”, well some of us, no matter how techy we are, like to do some things the good old fashioned way and making lists is one of them! We’re also pretty sure you’ve had a sticky note stuck to the back of your phone once or twice. Theses handy-dandy notepads come with 80 sheets of yellow, pink or white paper and adhere securely to the back of your phone. Now if we could just find a place to keep our pen, we’d be set!

2. Lutin Tech Solar Charger ($33.99 USD)

This is a genius little invention that everyone (not just tech lovers) will find coming in handy. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who is constantly forgetting to plug their phone into charge overnight, and 9 times out of 10 wake up to a dead phone. Because of this habit, I pretty much need to carry a power bank with me everywhere I go to ensure I have a charged phone, but guess what. You have to remember to charge those too. Enter this little genius device! All you need to do is stick it to a window, plug in your phone and you’ll get a charge to get you through the day. Also, most users are stating that it gives them the same charge in the same amount of time that their original wall charge gives them! I’ll take 3.

3. Truffol Station 5 Charger ($38.99 USD)

Here’s another accessory to fix your charging woes. This beautiful wood and aluminum desktop charger has 5 USB ports so you (or your friends) can get a quick charge anywhere you are. The device features two Quick Charge outputs and 3 Universal outputs which make it ideal for international travel. The Truffol also allows you to charge multiple phones or tables at once, unlike many of the other multi-port chargers on the market. It’s encased in a Cherry wood exterior and although this does need to be plugged into the wall to provide a charge, we’re more than okay with that as it comes with an 8′ cord and looks pretty awesome on our desks. (PS: you can get it to match the Walnut Laptop stand too…just saying).

4. Olloclip Lenses (From $49.99 USD)

Tired of taking mediocre pictures with your smartphone? Olloclip has you covered with a variety of different lenses made to fit your smartphone camera. With options ranging from Macro to 10x Telephoto and everything in between, you’re likely to find your old camera sitting in the back of the drawer somewhere untouched. Olloclip makes options for all versions of iPhone as well as iPads and Samsung Galaxy’s. So whether you want to take the perfect selfie or are trying to capture the beauty of nature at a distance, there’s an Olloclip lens for you.

5. Walnut Laptop Stand ($129.99 USD)

This solid wood laptop stand doesn’t need much explanation. Just looking at the solid Walnut base and craftsmanship makes you immediately want to put it on your desk and buy every matching accessory, at least, in my experience. This handsome and practical laptop stand comes in two different wood finishes, Walnut and Maple, and features an angled platform with stainless steel stop that is lined in tanned leather. And if you’re wanting to add just a bit more Walnut to your desk, you can accessorize your new laptop stand with matching keyboard tray, mousepad and wrist pad. I would personally never leave my desk if these were on it.
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  1. A laptop stand sounds really nice when you work at home without a decent office. Everything you’ve been posting are gifts I want for myself. LOL. Or maybe I’m just materialistic? Haha.

  2. Wouldn’t I love that Walnut Laptop Stand for lazy Sundays in bed! It doesn’t happen very often, but it might more if I had that! lol

  3. thanks for sharing so many new items I was not aware of , have many friends that would love the paper that would stick to the phone

  4. I love all of these products (great suggestions!!), but the laptop stand it the BEST. I would love to have oen myself. 😉

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