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How To Turn Your Blog Into A Business (For Real!)


We’ll be honest right from the get go and say making money from blogging is not easy! However if you have a passion for writing, something to write about and can produce great content for your readers then making a profit and even having a full-time job is possible. We’re going to give you some insider tips on how you can watch your blog grow into a rewarding business.

How To Turn Your Blog Into A Business

Blog Into a Business - Quality Vs Quantity
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Quality Content

Listen up! Having great content is absolutely key for bloggers. If you’re lazy with your blog and write mediocre articles you will have mediocre results. Find your niche and write something funny, juicy, lengthy, satirical or informative. Readers take the time to visit when you’re giving them something unique that they want.


Good behind or in front of a camera? Adding extras like pictures and instructional videos can help draw in new and loyal followers to your site.

Blog Into a Business - Affiliate

Affiliate Revenue

Affiliate income is probably one of the most common ways to make money online. The basis is quite simple, you join an affiliate program and link to a product they are selling. When your consumer purchases that product you earn a commission from the sale.


The programs are straightforward to sign up with. If you have a few trusting members and relevant products to recommend, this is a great way to bring in some additional revenue.

Blog Into a Business - Advertising

Advertising Income

In order to generate a proper income here, you will have to have a strong brand and produce traffic that advertisers are looking for. If your traffic is substantial enough advertisers will be happy to endorse your site and pay you for the ad space. This standard is comparable to how a newspaper or magazine advertises.


If you are just starting out and building your following, securing ads can be difficult. You can use ad networks like Google Adsense which allow even small authors to run ads from their site.

Blog Into a Business - Store

Sell Swag

If you run a business that can be easily marketed to your consumers then sell relatable merchandise! Watching your items sell online can be pretty cool, not to mention you can deck out your office in your own product. If you have a unique image or logo you can use this on clothing items, mugs, stickers and just about anything else to promote your blog.

Blog Into a Business - Ebook

Consumer Products

Once you have your fan base built up you can begin looking into other ways of profiting. If you can enlighten your peers with knowledge in your field then going down the road of ebooks or online video courses can be very worthwhile. It can be time-consuming to get these projects underway but if you put in the hard work it can be very lucrative.

Blog Into a Business - Guest Posts

Guest Blog

As your writing skills improve and you become an expert in your field you can move on to guest blogging for others. Other bloggers who look up to you for advice would be happy to offer you a guest post or two as your growing popularity can be beneficial for their blogs as well. Collaborating with other professionals can also be a great way to reap the advantages of mentorship and further learning.

Blog Into a Business - Subscription

Continuity Sales

So you have a ton of followers, now what? Promote email subscriptions! Offer your loyal followers access to exclusive private content, coaching sessions and products or software by signing up with a monthly account. The monthly fee can be based on the quality and quantity of what you are offering. Remember that nobody likes spam, reward your readers with quality content and information they can really use.


Blogging can be very rewarding if you’re passionate about your material! Use these tips, do your research and you could be well on your way to making money doing what you love!


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46 comments on “How To Turn Your Blog Into A Business (For Real!)

    1. It definitely does Amy! You can’t build an awesome blog over night but if you put in the work over time it can payoff!

  1. It’s nice to be able to earn through your blog but there are factors to consider, like the ones you mentioned. These are very good points. If you want to earn through your blog, you have to work for it.

    1. There are many factors Elizabeth, this includes testing overtime to see what your fans are loving to keep them coming back! Thanks for reading!

  2. You are so right. Quality versus quantity! It is not how many posts you have but how many are influential posts.

  3. Thanks for all the great info. I think making some money off of blogging is great. I’m not sure I consider my blog a business, but I guess in a way it is!

    1. Exactly Kathy! If you have something to offer to others then why not make some money in the process! That’s just good business! 🙂

    1. Selling a service can definitely be beneficial when blogging but it can really be anything you’re passionate about. If you enjoy writing find a topic you love and focus on that to start. Online resources are a great way to learn.

  4. Some great tips! I always look at people with one of those “nu-uh” sideways glances when they think they can put up a blog and roll in the millions in 24 hours! Sure, it is very possible to earn money through a blog, but it takes time, hard work and dedication to get that income rolling. These are some great pointers!

    1. A lot of work for sure Lisa! You can’t expect to just wake up in a pile of money after writing a few articles. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  5. These are some great tips for people who want to monetize their blogs. I just love doing reviews, so I;m not interested in it, but I know a lot of people are.

  6. Thanks for the tips! These are perfect for someone wanting to start monetizing their blog, as well as a refresher for those of us who have been blogging for a bit! Thanks!

    1. Glad these help Mhaan! As you become more popular and become a blogging guru other bloggers may offer you compensation for guest posting on their site. It takes time to build up to this point. Good luck with everything!

  7. These are all great and valid tips. I agree with the quality of posts over quantity. I think people get so wrapped up in pumping articles out they don’t realize most people would rather read one to two articles of great content then five posts that are “meh”

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