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Our 2015 Wearables Gift Guide – All Nerd Approved!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The time when the snow starts falling, the driveways need shovelling and the gifts need giving. This year, we decided to help out with the gift giving part (please don’t ask us to shovel snow) and make a comprehensive, Nerd approved list of the best tech toys available. In this section, we have our Wearables Gift Guide, perfect for athletes, people who want to have a healthier New Year and the tech savvy business man. Click, click, done!

Wearables Gift Guide

Wearables are a huge hit this year, and since they’ve become so popular, there’s an option out there for just about everyone! Here’s our top 5 Smart Watches and Fitness trackers to start your 2016 year off right.

1. Misfit Shine ($49.99 USD)

Misfit Shine is the most inexpensive fitness tracker on our list and arguably, the best looking. I may be a little biased since this is my fitness tracker of choice and I wear it everyday, but it’s sleek, minimalistic design is sure to appeal to a wide audience. The Shine comes encased in diamond cut aluminum that is light, durable and chic and has a variety of different wear options (wrist, clip or necklace). It’s 50m waterproof design ensures you can wear it during any activity (including swimming) and it accurately tracks steps, cycling, swimming and more. The Shine comes with an easily replaceable battery that lasts 6 months and stores up to 30 days worth of data. The Shine also monitors your sleep and has 12 LED lights to show you the time, as well as how far you’ve gotten on your daily fitness goals.

2. FitBit HR ($179.99 USD)

FitBit HR is the newest sibling in the FitBit range and now includes a Heart Rate monitor (hence, the HR in the name). Like its predecessors, it includes all day activity tracking along with workout mode, SmartTrack, caller ID + watch, wireless syncing, sleep monitoring and vibration alarms. It comes in 5 colours and 2 sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit and style you’re after. FitBit is the leader when it comes to accurate fitness tracking and since adding the heart rate monitor, it’s grow to be on the top of just about everyone’s wearables list!

3. Ringly (From $195.00 USD)

Ringly was a genius invention designed for women (or men, why not?) to keep you from looking at your cell phone during meetings, dates or any other important occasion. What Ringly does is connects to your Iphone or Android via their sleek app and allows you to integrate which programs you will receive interruptions from. What does a ring have to do with receiving notifications on your cell phone you ask? Believe it or not, this beautiful (and I mean beautiful!) ring vibrates to alert you to incoming calls, messages or Facebook posts on your phone, without you having to look at your phone. It has 4 customizable vibration settings and 5 light patterns so you know if it’s an important phone call that needs your attention or that you’ve been tagged in a photo on Facebook (which for some, is just as important). Stay off your phone, look fashionable and have a secret spy-like gadget? Sign. Me. Up!

4. Pebble Time Steel ($249.99 USD)

Pebble is a slim, customizable smart watch with a clean and simple interface and probably the closest competitor to the Apple Watch (at a much lower price). It’s available in a large amount of styles and colours to suit your needs and can be easily dressed up or dressed down. Pebble not only keeps time for you, it also notifies you of calendar events, weather, sports scores, breaking news, missed calls and app alerts. The only thing it can’t do is make a phone call for you, which probably isn’t a big deal to most of us. Another great feature is that Pebble works with both Android and Iphone, so even if you make a switch, they’ve got you covered. They’re also 50M water resistant and have a display that allows you to see clearly in both brightly lit and dim areas, have vibration alerts and up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge.

5. Apple Watch (From $549.00 USD)

We’re sure the Apple Watch doesn’t need much of an introduction, or explanation but we’ll give you a little run down just incase you’re unfamiliar with this awesome piece of technology. This is the perfect watch if you’re looking to go top of the line. There are a ton of different designs, cases, bands and colours to choose from as well as having a sapphire crystal face and retina display. Each one comes with a ceramic back, heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope to keep you on track. It’s water resistant, has 18 hour of battery life and comes with a magnetic charging cable. The basic apps it comes with are messaging, phone, mail, activity, workout, calendar, maps, wallet, Siri and so much more. Whatever you can do with your iphone, you can do with your Apple watch!

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79 comments on “Our 2015 Wearables Gift Guide – All Nerd Approved!

    1. That’s great Michelle! I would love to try one but I have a Samsung phone so I don’t think it would serve me much purpose 😉

    1. That’s awesome Robin! We definitely recommend the version with the heart rate monitor, it gives you more bang for your buck 🙂

    1. These can be great for everyone Tara! It’s nice to see how much activity you get (or don’t get) in a day to be more aware of your overall health 🙂

  1. Love the look of the first watch. The apple watch is pretty much a given. I love giving watches as gifts because it’s really rare these days.

  2. I’ve been looking at Ringly and I think that is the neatest thing. It’s so perfect when you really can’t look down at your phone, but at least you’ll be aware.

    1. I totally agree Liz! That is definitely on my personal wish-list and the colours are all so beautiful! No one would ever think it wasn’t just a great piece of jewellery.

    1. Definitely! They each have so many features it was hard to list them all, hopefully you find the perfect one for your hubbie!

    1. It all depends on what you want Ana! If you’re looking for the best all around option with notifications, email, maps, and a fitness monitor the Apple watch is the way to go. It seriously does everything!

    1. That’s why I choose the MisFit Jessica! It’s also really easy to sleep in to monitor your sleep because it’s so lightweight and slim. You really forget you’re wearing it!

    1. They can be a bit pricy! If you’d like something more inexpensive I’d definitely recommend the MisFit Shine – it does almost all of the same things except doesn’t have the heart rate monitor 🙂

    1. Great choice Eileen! I’ve been wanting one of those too. As much as I love my MisFit I would like a tracker with a heart rate monitor 🙂

  3. Ooh, I haven’t heard of Ringly! I’m checking that out tonight! I don’t have a Pebble or an Apple Watch, but my girlfriend has a Pebble, and she can even check her young diabetic sons blood sugar on it! How cool is that?

    1. Angie I had no idea Pebble could do that! It has so many options for apps I wouldn’t be surprised though 🙂

      And yes, Ringly is super cool and I want one in each colour 😉

  4. Good that fitbit HR has the heart rate monitor. I am very impressed by its features. Thanks for letting us know about all these gadgets. I will surely select the one from it for me.

  5. These are all great wearable gift ideas for anyone. I love the idea of the Ringly which I never heard of but find it would be very useful for me. My sister would love this one too.

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